R&D Innovation Centre
The construction area of the R& D Innovation Centre is 7500 square meters with 28 laboratories of synthesis, rheology, mechanics, NMR, molding, spectroscopy, chromatography, extrusion, comprehensive testing, physical and chemical analysis. We currently own the most complete test equipments in the industry domestically with 250 sets of testing equipments.

Adhering to the research concept of high starting point, high-tech, high-quality, R&D Innovation Centre are dedicated to the research synthesis technology and the application of the latest technology in plastic industry, in order to maintain sustainable development and core competitiveness of enterprises upgrade.We guide the production and application with scientific research to constantly improve service support capabilities of providing comprehensive solutions for practical problems and being responsible for final users. We should enhance the sustainable development and competitiveness of the strong support core business.

Target of R&D

With the enterprise growing concept of “Right to the Core”, the minimum target is making sure that all products meet or exceed the international advanced level in terms of performance and quality. We continuously explore and take advantage of talent and hardware technology and advance the forefront of high-end plastic field. We guarantee China's plastics additives performance plastics in the world have a significant influence and make our due contribution to continued development and progress for the world plastic field.